About Us

It's Chic by Chantele is a online clothing boutique offering high fashion clothing for women on the go. We believe that personal style should speak to your own uniqueness. Fashion pieces are a way to express to the world who you are with out uttering a single word. 

Leah Campbell passion for fashion allows her to eye chic & creative apparel, when sourcing various clothing vendors. She seeks pieces for the woman who yearn to express themselves while remaining true to who they are. Leah wants to exude all things that inspire women, self confidence, class and uniqueness. 

Women wearing It's Chic by Chantele will not just be a walking billboard, but a story in motion. She will tell her story of style and grace in which It's Chic by Chantele represents.  

We promote great quality clothing and unique styles. Our mantra is "to become the woman you are and wear our clothing with confidence". Never be afraid to set the trend verses following it. Are you chic? 

~Our Boutique was Created With Grace & Faith~


Leah Campbell, CEO

~It's Chic~